Vacature Music Teacher Sint Eustatius in St. Eustatius, Caribisch Nederland



Music Teacher Sint Eustatius 
2020-09-03 03-09-2020
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If you love working with children, are passionate and enthusiastic about music and aspire to bringing the gift of music to students, ‘Statia’ will warmly welcome you! You will be working with children aged 4 – 12 years old, providing class and group music lessons as well as choir and orchestra sessions. You will be employed by the Golden Rock Roman Catholic School.


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Our successful candidate possesses:
  1. BSc. in Music Teaching or;
  2. Bachelor of Music Arts (conservatorium) and willingness to become a licensed teacher;
  3. Certificate of English proficiency at CEFR C1/C2;
  4. Ability to play multiple musical instruments.
Our successful candidate is able to demonstrate:
  1. Singing: you are able to increase the quality of singing by letting (groups) of children sing songs with attention to expression, purity, breath, resonance and articulation. You can make informed choices regarding the repertoire and the method of learning.
  2. Listening: you can help kids to grasp the complexity of music by letting them listen to music in different ways. You introduce children to various musical styles.
  3. Playing: you can have groups of children design and perform instrumental play pieces with attention to sound, form and meaning. You are able to create simple song adaptations for a school choir or school orchestra.
  4. Capture: you can let groups of children perform, design, and listen to music using graphic and traditional notation.
  5. Movement: inspired by the sound, form and meaning aspects of music, you can guide (groups) of children in expression through movement. You are aware of the way in which movement, conscious or not, helps children to understand music.
  6. The ability to successfully create a curriculum for a class of pupils of mixed abilities, aptitudes and educational needs through planning, preparation, monitoring and assessment.


Our Offer
  1. Competitive Salary;
  2. 60 days of vacation;
  3. 13th Month;
  4. Participation in pension fund;
  5. One (family) return plane ticket;
  6. Relocation budget.

Over Golden Rock RC School

Naam school
van Tonningenweg, 1234AB St. Eustatius, Caribisch Nederland
Type onderwijs
Regulier, Internationale school
Dhr. Martijn Voorham
De Golden Rock school is de oudste onderwijsinstelling voor primair onderwijs op St. Eustatius.
De school is gelegen op een rustige plek met uitzicht op de Atlantische Oceaan. Golden Rock heeft een leerlingenpopulatie van ongeveer 90 leerlingen. De leerlingen hebben een multiculturele achtergrond. De instructietaal op school is Engels, met aandacht voor Nederlands als 'sterke moderne vreemde taal' vanaf Groep 1. De school staat onder toezicht van het  het Nederlandse Ministerie van Onderwijs, Cultuur en Wetenschap.

 The Golden Rock School is the oldest primary education institution on St. Eustatius. The school is situated on top of a cliff overlooking the Atlantic Ocean. It has a student population of approximately 90 students. Pupils have a multicultural background. The instruction language at Golden Rock is English. Dutch is being taught as a 'Strong Modern Foreign Language'  from Group 1. The school is under the oversight of the Dutch Ministery of Education, Culture and Science. 

Sollicitatie informatie

Sollicitatie informatie
Interested candidates are invited to make a formal application by submitting at least the following:
  1. Motivation Letter;
  2. Curriculum Vitae;
  3. More creative applications through other media are also welcomed.
Acquisitie naar aanleiding van deze advertentie wordt niet op prijs gesteld.